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Album Review: Chris Farren – Can’t Die

Chris Farren is a staple in the emo pop scene, known for his work with Fake Problems and Antarctigo Vespucci, so it seems a little strange talking about his debut album. Still, Farren’s first solo record Can’t Die, released on September 2nd through Side One Dummy Records, feels fresh and unique, quickly distinguishing itself from his other projects.

Consisting of fun synth riffs and a sound that’s more pop than emo, one could easily mistake this for a happy album without listening to the lyrics; Can’t Die may be one of the most danceable records ever made about feeling like shit. Throughout the album, Farren sings about his experiences with anxiety and depression, and the ways that these mental illnesses can take a toll on interpersonal relationships. Continue reading Album Review: Chris Farren – Can’t Die