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Silver Linings Playlist: Auditory Remedies to Battle the Darkness

Last night, it snowed for the first time in New York all winter. It was absolutely frigid. (Note that my perception of this may be affected by the fact that I was wearing a summer dress without tights as I ran weekly errands. Because I am an idiot with no foresight.) The sky was this incredibly dismal grey color, deep and gloomy. If a vibrant sunset is a work of art, oil on canvas, this sky was the murky, opaque water left behind after the brushes are washed between colors. It made a jarring contrast with the ivory falling fast, coating the ground with a thin layer of icy down, shockingly white in a black-and-grey landscape.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about grey areas. Not so much the uncertainty or the vagueness that the colloquialism implies, but the grey areas in which we contain ourselves, hearts heavy and heads buzzing, the moments in which our lives are so consumed by violent darkness and weariness that even the brightest moments are covered by a thin layer of ash. The greyness can be dusky, a storm cloud hanging over the sun, preventing any lightness from breaking through, or it can be leaden, like your lungs are suddenly filling with cement, you, human pavement, footprints left by those who couldn’t wait for the concrete to settle. But either way, the greyness reduces you to a silent film, the color drained from your cheeks, your eyes dull and tired.  Continue reading Silver Linings Playlist: Auditory Remedies to Battle the Darkness

Gerard Way Releases New Song “Action Cat”

After his split from My Chemical Romance, fans have been excited to hear from Gerard Way’s solo project that he’s been working on when he wasn’t working on his new Spider-Man comic. And today, Gerard released a new song called “Action Cat” that you can listen to below. The song is available for download by joining his mailing list or buying it on iTunes.


Gerard Way Makes Marvel Debut With Spider-Man Comic

Gerard Way will be contributing to a new Spider-Man miniseries, “Edge of Spider-Verse,” set to be out in September. If your inner-Marvel/Comic/Gerard Way nerd is burning for more information, you can check out a report from Bleeding Cool regarding Gerard’s involvement, as well as an article from Comic Book Resources for more information on the miniseries.

"Edge of Spider-Verse" Courtesy of Comic Book Resources
“Edge of Spider-Verse” Courtesy of http://www.comicbookresources.com

Then finally we have “Edge of Spider-Verse” #5 by writer Gerard Way, which is also his first work for Marvel.

[Nick] Lowe:Yes, so Gerard was actually the very first call I made for this project. I’ve been trying to get Gerard on a Marvel project for long time. We met a couple years ago at New York Comic Con and I’ve been slowly and surely trying to weasel my way into his life and trying to get him to write something for me. Because I’m such a huge fan of “Umbrella Academy.” It’s pretty embarrassing. So I’ve been desperately trying to get him going on something and this was something I could really let him loose with. It allowed him to go crazy and tell whatever kind of story he wanted to tell. There were really no rules here. He came up with this alternate universe and a Spider character unlike any that I think we’ve ever seen before. He’s already turned in some designs and he’s feverishly writing away.

Comic Book Resources