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Album Review: Somos – “First Day Back”

The album “First Day Back,” released by emo-punk band Somos on February 19th, was exactly what I expected it to be. Which is, in many ways, a good thing. First of all, I had high hopes for the album after listening to “Temple of Plenty” and the Have Mercy Split for most of 2015. From that, it was obvious the band had real musical ability. Plus, Somos got a beaming recommendation from Have Mercy’s Brian Swindle when I interviewed him last March, so from that point on I knew they had to be good.

I was pleased with the quality of the album and the many exhibitions of talent Somos shows right off the bat. Every song flowed seamlessly into one another and I was immediately immersed in this album. Unlike “Temple of Plenty,” “First Day Back” is really good background music, almost reminiscent of some of the 1975’s synthy, flowly backtracks. These are especially noticeable in “Days Here are Long,” the sixth song on the eleven song record, and one of the most soothing.  Continue reading Album Review: Somos – “First Day Back”

Songs We’re Thankful For

To anyone who celebrated today, Happy Thanksgiving from the Daily Slice staff! To anyone who doesn’t celebrate, we hope you have lots to be thankful for and you ate lots of yummy food today anyway, even if it wasn’t for a holiday. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the songs we’re thankful for this holiday season. What songs are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

The Naked and Famous – “All of This”

“I’m thankful for this song because #1: it open the record in the style of a really well thought out thesis statement, foreshadowing all that is to come and all the musical stylings that are to be expanded upon through the rest of the album. I usually throw on this album after an exhausting day or when I just need to decompress my whirlwind mind and chill out for a bit. #2 I’m a total theory nerd and love that it’s in quintuple meter which most pop songs don’t do. It gives it an impossibly cool feel and works so well for the whole vibe of the track. #3 it’s just a really damn good, timeless song with great lyrics AND on top of all that it’s got a sick guitar solo too so what’s not to love??” –Nick  Continue reading Songs We’re Thankful For

Front Porch Step Takes A Pause on Touring

Due to recent allegations against Jake McElfresh, Front Porch Step will not be touring for an extended amount of time. He posted a statement on his Facebook page:

As I posted 3 days ago, I am taking the appropriate time to assess these very serious allegations against me and I am not taking them lightly. Until I can do that in a complete manner with all the information I have at my disposal, I will not be continuing with any current touring activities for the time being.

Have Mercy and Head North, who were scheduled to be touring with Front Porch Step have also released statements on the issue which can be read  below.

Have Mercy:

We have been receiving your emails, tweets, and posts regarding us not responding to the allegations brought upon Front Porch Step. While we have been planning to disassociate ourselves from FPS for several days, we have been working very hard behind the scenes to book our own tour so we are not left stranded for the spring.

We, Have Mercy, in no way condone the alleged actions that have come to light over the past week, and hope that message above all is clear to our fans. Safety in music, and life, should never be risked for selfish decisions. We were incredibly excited at the opportunity to hit the road this spring, and that is still our top priority.

Over the coming weeks, we hope to have news about a new tour with Head North and other trusted friends.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Head North:

We are sorry to have remained silent about this issue for so long. We do not in anyway condone the situation at hand with Front Porch Step regarding the recent allegations that presented themselves this past week.

The whole situation is incredibly upsetting and our thoughts go to anyone at all affected by this. We are very sorry to anyone planning on coming to a show, but have been working on an alternative plan to make sure we can still come to towns this spring with new music in hand.

We will post more information about that as it becomes available.