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EP Review: Homage – Insignificant

528928_329370457174283_872371780_nMy favorite part about this job is that I get to listen to tons of bands and artists that I’ve never heard of and discover some new music. This time around, I was blown away by Toronto-based band, Homage, who have just released an EP titled Insignificant that’s perfect for fans of  pop- punk/metalcore music.  

The first song, “Groundwork,” is very raw and personal and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The next song, “Albeit,” brings the same thing; it’s very strong and the vocals and lyrics play with your emotions, like with lyrics “A life built on expectation/ nothing relies on chance/ I’ve been confined by these walls of glass/ told to accept mediocrity/ firmly built but just as fragile/ lined with blind faith and fate, then what to be made of ourselves.” All of these songs are so honest and emotional. Continue reading EP Review: Homage – Insignificant