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Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2014

As we ring in the new year, the Daily Slice staff remembers some of our favorite releases of 2014. It’s a daunting task to pick one favorite album for the entire year, but a handful of us managed to do it. Check out some of the staff’s favorite releases and why you should listen to all of them below!

Foxes – Glorious

This record shattered my expectations and proved to be one of the most interesting, thought provoking pieces of music I’ve heard in recent memory. As a whole, it’s an acquired taste; but one that is most definitely worth acquiring. The only place I had heard Foxes before was on Fall Out Boy’s “Just One Yesterday”, and from then on I was hooked. The melodies and beats are infectious, innovative, and original enough to keep the listener coming back for eons to come. There’s an insane amount of depth to the lyrics–a level that is not often displayed in this type of music. The result is a brilliantly dreamy, 80s inspired pop record that’s just as catchy as it is introspective. ~Nick Sisti  Continue reading Looking Back: Our Favorite Albums of 2014

Concert Review – Möngöl Hörde at Nottingham Rock City

2 years ago Möngöl Hörde exploded onto the scene with a grand total of four live shows including both Reading and Leeds festival dates. But now they have returned for what very well could be their first and only UK tour. Bringing with them Oxygen Thief and drummer Ben Dawson’s full time band Palehorse on the road with them for the 9 day trek up and down the country.

Opening the show, hot off the release of their new album ‘The Half Life of Facts‘ was Oxygen Thief who were playing to a criminally small crowd. Primarily playing off their new album, the Brighton trio warmed the room up nicely with a solid sound a good stage presence and kept the crowd entertained between songs.  Continue reading Concert Review – Möngöl Hörde at Nottingham Rock City

Album Review: Möngöl Hörde – Self Titled

mongol_1344067775_crop_550x550Back in the early-to-mid 2000s UK folk/punk hero, Frank Turner, was the lead singer of the hardcore band Million Dead. After seven years, Frank reunited with Million Dead drummer, Ben Dawson, to form a new hardcore band along with Matt Nasir (from Frank’s other band The Sleeping Souls) on Baritone Guitar. This venture was called Möngöl Hörde, and they have played four shows (including Reading and Leeds festivals in 2012) to date. Nearly two years after they showed themselves to the world, their debut album has finally seen the light of day.

They open with the track “Make Way,” which they used to open their live shows with. Its jazzy intro before launching itself into a delightfully deep and heavy riff shows that Frank has not lost an ounce of his abilities as a hardcore vocalist. It is clear from the lyrics that this could not be further from Frank and Matt’s usual work in the folk scene as the narrative moves away from tattoos and growing up in Essex and towards the story of Ghenghis Khan.

Continue reading Album Review: Möngöl Hörde – Self Titled