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Stranger Things’ Problem with Mad Max

Stranger Things season two premiered on October 28th. Set in a time when nerd culture — D&D, video game arcades, Ghostbusters — was an underground club of passionate people so devoted to their obsessions they were willing to be bullied incessantly for it, Stranger Things celebrates the creativity and drive of its central characters, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. The boys solve puzzles mostly because they can connect the dots between D&D and real life. Stranger Things finds success not just from nostalgizing the past, but by being juxtaposed by what nerd culture is today. As evidenced by everything from the Zuckerbergs of the tech world to the multi-billion dollar Marvel franchise, it’s now as lucrative to be a professional nerd as it is fun to be a nerd footsoldier.

But this season we don’t just get the boys — we get a new character who is as real today as she was in 1980: the nerd girl.

The girl in question is named Max. A skateboarding ginger with anger issues, her game of choice is the 1982-classic Dig Dug. Upon discovering Max has beaten their high score at the arcade (Max’s pseudonym: Mad Max), Dustin and Lucas instantly fall for her. After all, she’s a gamer. She’s not like most girls they know; she’s like them Continue reading Stranger Things’ Problem with Mad Max

TV Review: “Travelers” on Netflix

I don’t usually write reviews of television shows.  I try to stick to film and sports because even though I watch more TV than most, I find it difficult to put into words why I like certain shows.  Recently, however, I watched a show that is forcing me to break this trend.  I thought it was so great and loved it so much that the only thing I hyped up more to my friends was the film Arrival.  So, dearest readers, I present to you the Netflix series, Travelers.  (NOTE: there are some spoilers throughout, but none are major plot points or shocking revelations to the show.)

Before I dive in to the show itself, here are the basics you need to know about this show and this past year in television at large: NBC’s Timeless, a show about three people hired by a corporation to go back in time and save history from a time-traveling terrorist, led a rebirth in the genre for major networks.  Since the debut of Timeless in the fall of 2016, ABC and FOX have announced shows based on the same cornerstone subject: time travel.  By the same token, Netflix, in cooperation with Showcase, a Canadian channel, released its own twist on the genre in October, only weeks after TimelessContinue reading TV Review: “Travelers” on Netflix

The Uncomfortable Humor in BoJack Horseman’s 3rd Season

Netflix’s animated series BoJack Horseman recently premiered its third season, and already the titular character has been added to the list of great television antiheroes. AV Club’s Danette Chavez compares BoJack (Will Arnett) to Tony Soprano and Don Draper. Despite being a horse at the center of a comedy, BoJack isn’t very different than the main men in these dramas, who experience life possessed by power, intellect, and ability—but who also have a depressing tendency to turn everything they touch to stone.

For BoJack, season three is about dealing with the worst thing he’s ever done Continue reading The Uncomfortable Humor in BoJack Horseman’s 3rd Season

TV Review: “Jessica Jones” – Series 1

Now, I know it’s a bit late, but after marathoning the Netflix original series Jessica Jones in three days, it’s impossible not to write about it. I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show and how quickly I was drawn into its complex yet focused story lines.

I began watching it not expecting very much, simply because I’m not a huge fan of Marvel. Yes, I’ve seen the typical films, but unless there’s absolutely nothing else to watch, I usually put off having to sit through three hours of fight scenes.  Continue reading TV Review: “Jessica Jones” – Series 1