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Interview with Mike of Pentimento

“I’ve never had faith in a Pentimento record like I have in this one.” – Mike Hansen

We had the opportunity to chat with Mike Hansen, the drummer of Pentimento, in their van at the Middle East, in Cambridge on the Boston date of their first headliner tour with Better Off and A Will Away. We talk about pizza, tour, and their new full-length album. Check it out below!

The Daily Slice: What’s your name, what do you do in the band, and where’s the best place to get pizza in your hometown?

Mike Hansen: My name’s Mike, I play drums in Pentimento and the best place to get pizza in my hometown is a little shop in the neighborhood I grew up in called Metro Pizza. It does have the best pizza on the planet. I’ve been some places, not everywhere, but a lot of places and I’ve tried pizza in each of those places at some point and it doesn’t get any better than Metro Pizza. So there it is.

TDS: Favorite type?

MH: I just need a cheese. A plain cheese pizza is good for me. There’s something about how simple it is. They’ve perfected the pizza slice. Continue reading Interview with Mike of Pentimento

Live Review: A Loss For Words final Rhode Island show at The Met on March 27th.

I headed up to The Met in Pawtucket, RI on Friday night with mixed emotions – happy and excited because the line up for this show was going to be great, but also with a bit of a heavy heart knowing this was probably going to be the last time I’d ever see A Loss For Words play a show. I arrived just after doors opened and didn’t need to wait long to hear some amazing music for a fitting send-off.

A local Rhode Island band called Morals played first. This band hasn’t been around for very long but you wouldn’t have known it to see them perform. Made up of former members of other local bands, they clearly knew what they were doing and made for an enjoyable listening experience setting off the show with a positive vibe.  Continue reading Live Review: A Loss For Words final Rhode Island show at The Met on March 27th.

Interview with Mike Hansen of Pentimento

I caught up with Pentimento’s drummer Mike Hansen at their Boston, MA stop on their tour with Dads and Reggie And The Full Effect at Brighton Music Hall. Check out the video below to hear Mike’s thoughts on social media and the vinyl revival, tour updates, upcoming tour plans, and of course, pizza analogies.