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10 Tips For Playing Pokemon Go With Your Partner

In a world where babyboomer after babyboomer criticizes millennials for their “obsession” with smartphones, Pokémon Go challenges the norm by getting 20-somethings out of the house to enjoy churches, museums, parks, malls, and other local areas. Not only could PoGo effectively solve retail issues and has provided a healthy experience for those with depression and anxiety, but it also provides a way for people to genuinely connect with each other—yeah, even with their noses in their smartphones.

As a singular person playing in Los Angeles, I’ve interacted more with the neighborhoods where I live and work in my first week of Pokémon training than I had in six months of actually living and working there. Most of this has been due to the strong FaceBook and Reddit communities dedicated to helping each other find the Pokémon missing from our collections. But surprise human interaction has happened on the street, too—once, when I was battling a gym in a mall, a guy at a food kiosk gave me some water even though we were on opposing teams. A few days later a woman and I caught an Arbok at the same time on the same street corner and cheered each other on while we did it.

And last weekend my boyfriend and I had our first ever Poké-date. That’s right. We had a date… dedicated to Pokémon.

While that might be the most cliché 90’s thing you’ve ever heard, for us it was perfect. If you’re like us and work over 40 hours a week, having something that motivates you to get out of the house and explore your city together is worth pursuing. With the world as the game board, you and your S/O can have a fun, competitive, but relaxing date walking around exploring your surroundings—here are some tips to help your experience playing with your partner as enjoyable as possible. Continue reading 10 Tips For Playing Pokemon Go With Your Partner