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Parin’s Favorite Albums of 2014

We’re a few days into 2015 and there were a few albums that made a huge appearance in 2014. 2014 was the most stressful year for me. With the end of my junior year and the start of my senior, it was hard to stay up to date with new music. I started listening to many songs on the radio, something I usually try to avoid. Spotify became my best friend this year. Through Spotify, I found four albums that made my 2014:

In Technicolor by Jesse McCartney

Favorite Track: “Back Together”

No Interruptions by Hoodie Allen

Favorite Track: “Won’t Mind” feat. MAX

X By Ed Sheeran

Favorite Track: “Photograph”

In the Lonely Hour by Sam Smith.

Favorite Track: “Not in That Way”

I know that seeing these albums in the same list seems weird but 2014 was a year of listening to many types of artists, some I never thought to listen to. I couldn’t pick a favorite album because I haven’t actually had that time to sit down, listen, and understand the songs on each album. These four albums brought back my childhood, helped me through late night study sessions, and were put together beautifully. I recommend these albums to anyone that wants to start listening to different kinds of genres in the new year, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with at least one of these.