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Interview with Dave Grelle of The Feed

I caught up with St. Louis band, The Feed’s front band Dave Grelle and asked him about the band’s newest album.

Parin: So let’s start this off with what is your name, what do you do, and your favorite type of pizza?
Dave: My name is  Dave Grelle, I play music, I sing and play keys for the band the feed and my favorite kind of pizza has gotta be pepperoni  portobello green pepper.

P: Who else is in the band and what instruments do they play?
D: We’ve got Kevin Bowers as our drummer, Ben Reece is our bassist and sax player, does a little both, and Jordan Heimburger is our guitarist.

P: What type of genre do you consider your band to be?
D: Well I think it’s for the most part high energy rock and roll. We do a lot of genre jumping, I think you can hear bits of soul, punk, some classic rock stuff, a little bit of rock, we jump around a bit.

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