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Interview with Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer

The Rocket Summer spent the last month of the summer traveling the country celebrating the 10th anniversary of their iconic album Do You Feel. The band has been playing massive sets each night, playing through the entirety of the album on top of at least 10 bonus songs off newer releases. Based on what we saw in Boston, this tour has served as a not only reflection on not The Rocket Summer’s past, but as a celebration of the community music has brought together and the power of that community.

Bryce Avary, the mastermind behind The Rocket Summer, made a point of sharing  with fans that Do You Feel is so important to him because it’s the record that brought a lot of The Rocket Summer’s fans into this scene. He then called on fans to use their community to make a positive change in the world by donating to the Child Fund, who he brought on tour to raise money to combat child poverty.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Avary himself before he took the stage at Boston’s Brighton Music Hall. Check out the interview below and check out photos from the show hereContinue reading Interview with Bryce Avary of The Rocket Summer

Show Review: The Rocket Summer – ‘Do You Feel’ 10th Anniversary Tour

Boston’s Brighton Music Hall was packed to the brim and buzzing with energy, even for a Friday night in the middle of summer. The venue is known for its notorious indie and punk shows hosted in an intimate space with no barrier between the crowd and the stage. But from the moment fans walked in, it was clear they were celebrating.

In fact, for weeks, fans across the country had been celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Rocket Summer’s album that started it all: Do You Feel. The master mind behind The Rocket Summer, Bryce Avary, took a full band on tour to play the album start to finish to celebrate the album’s legacy and how far the music has come since. This was definitely an older crowd than I’m used to seeing at Brighton. Despite overhearing some thirty-something punk bro warn his other thirty-something punk bro to “look out for the 12 year olds” as they made their way through the crowd, I’d say the average attendee was probably in their late twenties. It was a 10th anniversary show, after all. Parents, teens, and college-age twenty-somethings came together sporting apparel from bands from all over the emo/indie/pop-punk spectrum, from Kings of Lean to All Time Low to Blink 182. Because the crowd was so diverse, the show had an awesome dynamic from the get-go.  Continue reading Show Review: The Rocket Summer – ‘Do You Feel’ 10th Anniversary Tour

Photos: The Rocket Summer ‘Do You Feel’ 10th Anniversary Tour

Bryce Avary took over Brighton Music Hall on August 4th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Rocket Summer’s iconic album Do You Feel. Fans were taken back to some of the earliest days of their middle- and high-school emo phases as they heard the album live from start to finish, before diving into an entire set’s worth of new content. Check out photos from the show below, and stay tuned for a full set review and interview with Avary himself!