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Album Review: The Smith Street Band – ‘More Scared of You Than You Are of Me’

Fans of The Smith Street Band, and their vocalist/lyricist Wil Wagner, are no strangers to having their hearts broken through music. Wagner has a habit of penning lyrics in a way that is somehow both intensely personal and profoundly relatable. The band, however, has outdone themselves with their latest release, More Scared of You Than You Are of Me. This record finds The Smith Street Band going bigger, bolder, and darker with their art.

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The Smith Street Band Unveil Pool House Records

Less than 24 hours after releasing a video for their new single, “Death to the Lads”, and announcing an Australian tour bearing the same name, The Smith Street Band have unveiled their new record label, Pool House Records. The band’s upcoming album (title and release date yet to be announced) will be the first Pool House release, though the band has expressed a desire to release music for their friends in the near future. Along with the announcement, Chris Cowburn (drums) penned a heartfelt goodbye to the band’s current label, Poison City Records.

We’ve loved our time on the label and personally it’s a of part of my life that I’ll genuinely cherish forever, and I know the rest of the guys would say the same. We wouldn’t be the band or the people we are today without all the help, time, wisdom and advice Andy and the label have provided us.

You can follow Pool House Records on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @poolhouserecs. You can check out the new video for “Death to the Lads” (starring the band’s moms!) right here!

Live Review: The Smith Street Band at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA

Australian pop-folk-punk quartet The Smith Street Band have recently embarked on their first headlining tour in the United States. On a snowy night in April (yes, I’m serious), they played to a sold out crowd at the Middle East in Cambridge.

Save Ends, a local band, were a late addition to the lineup, only announced a couple days before the show. They were able to play a few tracks from their new EP, Hug Your Friends, which was released in March. Unfortunately, as is common with punk shows in tiny venues, the audio mix wasn’t amazing, and for much of their set the vocals were completely drowned out by the instruments on stage.

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Interview with Chris of the Smith Street Band

We met with Chris Cowburn, drummer and backing vocalist for The Smith Street Band, before their show with Elvis Depressedly and the Front Bottoms in Boston. Originally from Australia, the pop-folk-punk quartet have spent the last few years touring around the world and released their third studio album, Throw Me in the River, last year. Chris caught us up on life touring in multiple countries, fan tattoos, and the beauty of black bean pizza crust.

The Daily Slice: So I know you guys tour a lot, so what are some of your favorite places to go on tour?

Chris Cowburn: Oh, wow, God there’s been so many! Especially over the last 3 months, we’ve done Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and now the US and Canada. I don’t know, I kind of have fun everywhere. I really like touring around Australia. I kind of find that’s really the place where I have the most fun. Mainly because that’s our home, and we have so many friends there. That’s not to say that I don’t like going overseas, because I still love that too, but there’s so many new places in Australia that we still haven’t seen. Like, this trip in the start of October, we did a few places in far North Queensland, which is like very far northeast in Australia that we’ve never been to before–none of us–on vacation or touring. So it’s cool to see places like that and cool to go, especially in Australia, for us, I think that we’re really really lucky that we get to go to places and people come to shows in these places where most bands wouldn’t get to go to. So I really love that, but you know there’s so many places in the US and Europe that I love too. Like on the last European tour we went to Poland and and Hungary for the first time. It’s getting to go to places that you otherwise maybe wouldn’t have had a chance to go. And to have the band as a vehicle to do that and to be on holiday, essentially, with your friends. Even though it’s hard work and you move around a lot. But to be able to do that, we’re so lucky. That was a bullshit answer, I didn’t mean to say everything! [laughs]  Continue reading Interview with Chris of the Smith Street Band