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EP Review: The Venetia Fair – …Basically Just Does Karaoke

Review submitted by Crewys Lane // contributing writer

When my friends Jake and Keegan showed me The Venetia Fair on a drunken weekend night, my mind was blown. They capture every bit of crazy to make a perfect “clusterfuck” of musical genius. When I first heard they were making …Basically Just Does Karaoke I was very excited for what could come out of it. Then I saw the bands they were covering (Queen, Green Day, The B52s, Dexy’s Midnight Runner, The Blood Brothers, and Coheed and Cambria) I was a little nervous for this release. Nevertheless, this is a very solid release for The Venetia Fair.
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Interview with The Venetia Fair

Here’s my interview with The Venetia Fair, where we discuss Thanksgiving, touring, and a bunch of other really random things. For hilarious and sarcastic responses, visit their Facebook and Twitter and leave them a message or a comment, and make sure you pick up Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain on iTunes!