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In Loving Memory of Transit (2006-2016)

This is short and sweet, as I really never considered writing this until February 29th, 2016 while I was doing as Facebook told me and “celebrating the leap day.” Unfortunately, my measly mental festivities took a sudden turn when I started seeing tour posters and teary-eyed messages about the break up of one of the most widely enjoyed bands I have yet to hear of.

At first when I got news of the break up of the Boston emo band, I didn’t think much past “Nothing Lasts Forever,” a clever and then over-used pun. But once I got in my car and started listening to “Rest to Get Better,” I realized this band snuck it’s way into meaning a lot to me, something I think it’s done to and for a lot of people.  Continue reading In Loving Memory of Transit (2006-2016)

Slam Dunk Festival Second Announcement

The second announcement for Slam Dunk festivals 2015 line-up has been revealed today. Seventeen new bands have been added to this years roster to help welcome the festival back to Millennium Square in Leeds for the first time since the first festival in 2006. With a over twenty bands still to be revealed.  Continue reading Slam Dunk Festival Second Announcement

Throwback Thursday: The Acoustic Basement Tour @ Brighton Music Hall

As many of you probably know, I’m always behind on publishing photos I take at shows. Over the past few months, though, the photo sets have really piled up. So every Thursday for the rest of the summer, I’ll be sharing my photos as “Throwback Thursday” posts, bringing back some of my favorite shows I attended this spring and summer.

First up is the Boston stop of the Acoustic Basement Tour at Brighton Music Hall, featuring Transit, Hit The Lights, Brian Marquis, Front Porch Step, and Elder Brother (although I couldn’t shoot their set due to camera troubles). Check em out below!